What Can Beyoncé Teach Us About Being Creative?

Beyoncé is able to create the ideal environment to foster her creativity and improve the output of her work. And it's something we can all learn from.

What Can Beyoncé Teach Us About Being Creative?

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Creativity is something that's on my mind this week. We intuitively believe creativity to be spontaneous. Being creative is just something that happens, where an idea hits you in the spur of the moment. The idea that we can induce creativity seems to go against the whole idea of what it means to be creative.

Despite this, Beyoncé has managed to create the ideal conditions to foster and nurture her creativity. These conditions give her the greatest chance of being creative. Her success is undeniable, and we can all learn a thing or two from her creative process.

When Beyoncé's recording a new album, she keeps almost four or five different studios running in a city at the same time. These studios have different musicians and producers, and Beyoncé travels from room to room to brainstorm ideas, try out new things and work on different songs. She doesn't tie herself down to a specific studio or musician and allows herself to the room to follow her intuition and visit whichever studio she wishes.

Often, we're told that we need to focus on one task at a time. But this is likely harmful to creativity. We force ourselves to do something, that leaves little room for spontaneity. If we were left to follow our intuition or curiosity, we'd end up being more creative individuals. Sometimes, powering through that task, especially when you've hit the metaphorical wall, isn't the best thing to do.

The best thing to do can often be changing your setting or surrounding, people you're working with or even the task itself. Keeping things fresh from time to time is the best way to foster this creativity. It enables us to approach tasks with a different mindset and can also make us more productive.

When you're working on something and need to get the creative juices flowing, rather than powering through, we should take a step back, change things a little and keep things fresh. It may end up leading to a better result.

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– In the book Leaders Eat Last, by Simon Sinek

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