Burnout Is Real

If you've not been feeling yourself recently, it could be because you're burnt out. I know I am. So I've decided to take a week off and committed to not doing any work, to help me get back on my feet.

Burnout Is Real

Happy Sunday!

I'm going to share something with you all this week, and I'm sure it's something you've all felt at some points in your lives. I'm sharing because it's now, more than ever that we need to look after ourselves and ensure that our mental health is in top shape. So this week, I'll talk about burnout.

Over the past few months, I've been working incredibly hard. Harder than I've ever worked in my life. I've been working 18 hour days, six days in a row, with several hours on Sunday too — for four months straight. As you can imagine, this doesn't leave any time for myself, or to do the things I do to look after myself.

Without a commute, it has become easier for those of us working from home to work with intensity. It's also become more accepted always to be online, available and pick up work. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like this, and the feeling may be shared with some of you too.

But I now understand what it feels like to be burnt out. I'm starting to accept that I'm not as invincible as I maybe once thought. Getting out of bed has become a struggle for me, which is very unusual. I procrastinate my morning runs and find it so difficult to leave the house and start my run. Even during my runs, I notice that I'm more tired than usual. In short, I've not been feeling myself — this is a significant indicator of burnout.

Not feeling yourself over a period of time is a significant indicator of burnout

To help me get back on my feet, I've decided to take a week off. And over this week, I've committed to not doing any work while I'm off. I won't even be checking my emails. I need some "me time" to recover my energy again and ensure I get back to my feet.

So if you find that you're not feeling yourself, take a break. Step back, and you'll be way more productive long term. That's what I intend to do by giving myself a few days off.

Have an awesome week ahead,

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— In the book Happy, by Darren Brown

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