Bursting the Bubble by Travelling the World

There are many benefits to travelling, that often doesn't get appreciated. I write about my recent trip to Stockholm, and why people should travel more.

Bursting the Bubble by Travelling the World

Happy Sunday!

My regular readers will notice that this email is hitting your inbox a day later than usual. It's because I was away (again!), so I decided to write it when I returned to the country today.

I spent a long weekend to Stockholm, where I stayed in the Södermalm district, which is a really cute area of town. I couldn't resist joking that Södermalm sounds like Ikea furniture. It was my first venture into Scandanavia, and it was much better than I had been expecting - although I don't really remember what I was expecting.

I love to travel, I love meeting people, and I love spending time away from London. The world is a big place, much bigger than London. In contrast, my mum rarely travels or venture out much further than home. I asked her why she doesn't travel much, but I didn't get a satisfying response.

But I've come to realise that our differing attitudes about travelling is more of a generation thing than anything else. My mum is from a generation where international travel was not the norm. The lucky few will holiday abroad once or twice a year at the very best.

However, our generation has grown up with really cheap international travel. It's super convenient to book your trip on your phone and also find a lovely apartment to stay, in a cool area of town. Going away several times a year is now pretty standard, unlike a few decades ago.

I love travelling because I'm curious and love to see the world. It helps me realise that others live vastly different lives. Most people live in a bubble, so travelling helps me to become more appreciative of how fortunate I am. And I also love meeting new people and learning lots about different countries and cultures.

Travel is great, and I think it's something that we should all do more often (irrespective of what generation you fall into).

If you've never been to Sweden, I'd highly recommend it. It's a beautiful country with fantastic people and lots of things to do.

Have an awesome week ahead,

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