Long-Term Trumps Short-Term

Far too many people get caught up in short term trivialities, that don't matter on the grand scheme of things. Decisions become a lot easier to make, when we think with a longterm mindset.

Long-Term Trumps Short-Term

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Very often, we take a short term view of things. We’re not to blame here - it’s in our DNA to prioritise the short-term over the long-term. Mother Nature has genetically predisposed us to do so as tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Humans dominance as a species has been a result of taking a long-term approach and sacrificing any potential short term gains.

Take, for example, Yuval Noah Harari, the bestselling author of Sapiens - describes the money system as fiction, a figment of our imagination.

Chimpanzees (or other animals for that matter) don’t have this imagination. There’s no way you can fool a chimpanzee. He will not give you a banana, in return for a green piece of paper; or because of a promise that you’ll give him 3 bananas in return next year.

Chimpanzees take a very short-term view.

Taking a long-term view on things and ignoring the short term benefits (or noise) allows us to make decisions that are in our best long-term interest.

By taking a long-term view, we are less likely to cut corners, less likely to ignore opportunity costs and more likely to make the correct ethical decision.

We make better decisions when taking a long-term view. The long-term will always trump the short-term.

Don’t be like a Chimpanzee.

I hope you all have an awesome week!

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“Listen, if people don’t like you, it’s not always your fault.”

- Min Jin Lee, in the book: Pachinko

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