Overnight Success Is a Myth

Success in any situation is about consistency over several years. Working hard and showing resilience, despite not having any tangible results to show.

Overnight Success Is a Myth

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Happy Sunday!

So I ran a PB yesterday morning🏅🏃‍♂️

And there’s a big lesson here that I’d like to share with my readers.

When running a PB, what everyone sees is the end result. But the sacrifices; super early mornings, clean diet, and training HARD over the last six months isn't visible to anyone.

I pushed myself - there were many times I wanted to give up, and I began questioning why I set myself this "arbitrary" goal in the first place. The easy thing to do was to give up. But I didn't.

The lesson here is that "success" isn't a one-off event (running a PB). The real success is showing discipline;

  • Training when I didn't want to train.
  • Getting up when all I wanted to do was remain in bed.
  • Skipping takeaways when really craving a pizza.
  • Showing resilience, pushing through and persevering when I wanted to give up.

Success in any situation is about consistency over several years. Working hard and showing resilience, despite not having any tangible results to show.

The best analogy I've come across to bring this point to life is that "success is like an iceberg." Most of the iceberg that supports the "success" is below the surface, not visible to anyone. An image is worth a thousand words, so I'll let the picture do the talking.

Now, I think I'll treat myself… to that Pizza 🍕

Have an awesome week ahead,

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“Genius often really is just persistence in disguise.”

In the book, The Obstacle Is the Way, by Ryan Holiday

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