Politics and Elections

I reflect on the recent general election, that will determine the fate of our country for several generations.

Politics and Elections

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It’s been an eventful week as the British public headed to the polls to vote in the most significant general election of our generation. It resulted in an overwhelming conservative majority - the largest since the 1935 general election.

This vote almost certainly means that Brexit will happen.

Speaking to people about the general election, it quickly became apparent to me about how misinformed the UK public is when it comes to politics and elections. People get very angry or defensive when asked to articulate their reasoning for voting as they did.

An overwhelming majority of people were voting for parties because of a single policy, and not taking the party manifesto as a whole into account.

“I just want Brexit done.”

“Save our NHS.”

“I don’t want Corbyn as the Prime Minister.”

“Jo Swinson doesn’t inspire me.”

It’s not for me to judge whether those are valid or not valid reasons to vote for a specific candidate/party. But it’s clear, better education for the public on political matters (including political history) is required and needs to be taught. It’s something the government must introduce in our schools, as part of the curriculum.

I’ll keep away from politics in future issues.

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Making this distinction is vital in understanding when you’re just making excuses, motivating you into action.


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