Taking Regular Breaks Improves Mental Wellbeing

I took a break this weekend and visited Hamburg with my best friend. I enjoyed myself so much that I have a greater appreciation for taking regular breaks.

Taking Regular Breaks Improves Mental Wellbeing

Happy Sunday!

It's slightly later than usual, but that's because I'm writing this as I've just returned from a weekend away in Hamburg with my best friend. Germany is a wonderful country and Hamburg is a beautiful city. The header image is the opera house we visited. I don't usually take photos when out and about, but below's one I snapped during the weekend. Hamburg was an awesome choice of destination, and I'll be back very soon!

During the weekend, I got thinking about two main things. The first one was that I have again been questioning what I want to do with my life. This is probably a question I spend far too much time pondering. Sometimes, I feel I know and that it's very clear. And at other times, I feel like I have no idea and that I'm just going with the flow.

Having said that, I do really enjoy what I'm doing at the moment. And since I'm having a lot of fun, there are no real reasons for me to continue thinking too far into the future. Perhaps I need to take my own advice and not feel obliged that I need to have my life figured out while in my 20s (see article).

The other big epiphany I had was that it's important to take time out from time to time. I used to think taking breaks, relaxation, and vacations were for losers. I was wrong. It turns out that taking regular breaks is essential for our mental wellbeing. I enjoyed not having an agenda, not feeling rushed or having to be at a certain place at a certain time. I was able to go with the flow, going wherever my curiosity took me.

The main takeaway for me is that I'll start to incorporate regular breaks into my lifestyle. I've come to appreciate how healthy doing so is for the body, mind and soul.

Have an awesome week ahead,

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