Showing Kindness Goes a Long Way

Kindness has both a direct and indirect impact. The indirect impact is less measurable but even more important. It pays to be kind.

Showing Kindness Goes a Long Way

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Happy Sunday!

This week I talk about kindness. Showing kindness goes a long way.

Earlier in the week, I heard a loud bang outside my window. I looked out and saw the planks of wood tied on top of the builders’ van had come loose. The wood crashed on top of the car in front. As you can imagine, this caused some chaos.

A man driving past spotted what happened. He instantly got out of his car to help the builders load the wood back onto the roof their van. He even gave them some extra rope and strings to fasten the plank of wood. As soon as they were done, he wished them well and drove away.

I was really touched by this display of kindness by a random Good Samaritan. It’s reassuring to know that there are still some really nice and kind people out there.

The lesson here is that kindness doesn’t just have a direct impact the person you’re helping. Kindness also has an indirect benefit on others, to others like myself - a witness to the event. I have also consciously (and unconsciously) paid that kindness forward to others. The builders are likely to be in a better mood than they would otherwise have been, which will reflect positively on their interactions with their families once they return home.

You never know who will be touched by your kindness. It pays to be kind.

Showing kindness goes a long way.

Have an awesome week ahead,

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“Whatever we face, we have a choice: Will we be blocked by obstacles, or will we advance through and over them?”
- Ryan Holiday, in the book The Obstacle Is the Way

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