Why Starting Before We Feel Ready Helps Us to Overcome Procrastination

If you start something only when you feel ready, then you started too late. We should always start before we feel ready, then learn and grow once we've started.

Why Starting Before We Feel Ready Helps Us to Overcome Procrastination

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Earlier this week, a thought popped into my head. People often delay getting started on something until they feel ready. Usually, it’s something they really want or need to do. They procrastinate.

We’ve all been guilty of it at some point in our lives.

It may be waiting to start a project, going back to school or following through with a business idea that you’ve been meaning to follow up on.

We may delay taking action because of what we believe are valid reasons. For example, lack of experience, not having sufficient time due to other commitments, financial constraint etc.

We fool ourselves by using all kinds of excuses disguised as perfectly sound logic.

We’ll never feel fully ready, so we need to start today. If we begin when we feel ready, it’s too late.

People who have achieved any level of success in life didn’t wait until they felt ready before they started. They just got started and learned everything they needed to learn along the way. Experience is the greatest teacher after all.

If Steve Jobs had waited until he knew how to create the iPhone before getting started, there would be no Apple. If Bill Gates had waited until he knew how to run a multi-billion dollar company before getting started, there would be no Microsoft.

“You learn to swim by jumping into the water and swimming, not by sitting in a classroom studying aqua-dynamic theory”
- Jed McKenna

So follow up on that idea you’ve been meaning to get started on today.

Start today. Delay no further.

The future you would be thankful.

Have an awesome week ahead 🤩

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“Knowing what you don’t know is more useful than being brilliant.” “Acknowledging what you don’t know is the dawning of wisdom.”
- Charlie Munger

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