There Is Only Ever Today

It's very easy to live on a future that may never happen. Likewise, the past is only just a memory and isn't always accurate. The present is all there is.

There Is Only Ever Today

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I will start this weeks newsletter with this statement.

There is only ever today

Tomorrow doesn’t exist - it’s a figure of our imagination. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, and it may never come to pass. Our plans for the future almost always turns out to be very different from what we had imagined or been expecting. Yesterday, you could never have imagined that at this very minute, you would be reading these exact words at this very moment. We never know what tomorrow holds.

Yesterday is only just a memory, and our memories are not perfect. What happened yesterday has happened and cannot be changed. We cannot rewrite history. All we can do is think about yesterday and remember it for however we wish for yesterday to be remembered.

Today, now, this very moment, you’re alive, living and reading what I’m having to say. Today is powerful because, with today, we can shape our tomorrows.

Today is all there ever really is. Today is all there ever will be.

There is only ever today.

Have an awesome week ahead 🤩

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  3. Do What You’re Doing - The author uses a story about cleaning to bring out their point of always being focused on the task at hand. Multitasking is rarely ever a good thing.

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