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So the UK’s exit from the EU has happened. It’s official, I am no longer a European citizen (although the transition period complicates things a little). Brexit is not something that needed to happen to fulfil most of Boris’ and his Conservative party’s ambitions. But it has happened, and life goes on.

Earlier in the week, a thought crept into my mind while I was out running and has stayed ever since. I’ll share it with you.

The more time you spend on something, the better the outcome. I.e. There is a strong positive correlation between the amount of time you spend on something and the result.

For example, the more time I spend writing this newsletter, the better the output. The same can also be said for the following, where the more time we spend:

  • Writing an essay or a report, the better the finished product.
  • Working on our relationships, the better the relationship.
  • Practising a skill (golf, knitting, chess, etc.), the better we become at those skills.

Admittedly, you do reach a point of diminishing returns, where spending more time on something leads to less marginal gains. However, the general concept holds true.

I have tested this concept with many other things, and it appears to hold true. If there’s something that you think does not follow this rule, then reach out to me, I’ll be very interested in finding out what.

If there’s something you really want to improve on, but have not quite reached the level you aspire, spend more time on it and be patient. The result would follow.

Have an awesome week 🤩

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3 Things I've Enjoyed This Week

  1. How to stay cool under pressure, according to Barack Obama - President Obama is known for being one of the coolest Presidents, despite the gravity of the decisions he has to make, even while under a lot of pressure. He teaches us a lesson about keeping our ego in check.
  2. Haters: Paul Graham - Just like you will acquire fans throughout your life, haters are to be expected and there’s nothing you can do about it. What someone likes about you, someone else will hate. Accept the haters (like you do your fans) and continue being unapologetically yourself.
  3. Wealth is what you don’t spend - Just like people justify eating unhealthy food after exercise, we justify spending more after earning more. This means, despite earning more, we’re no wealthier than when earning less.

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“Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice it is a fallacy.”
- Benito Mussolini, in the book: Benito Mussolini: A Life From Beginning to End

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