Ask Yourself: What Would the Future Me Think?

Decisions should be made on the basis of what the future versions of ourselves would think about the decision we about to make.

Ask Yourself: What Would the Future Me Think?

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Last week, I explained why we shouldn’t be like Chimpanzees when making decisions, i.e. acting on impulse and emotions. Instead, long-term thinking trumps short-term thinking when making decisions.

This week, I would like to add a little bit of colour. When making decisions personal to us, we should always evaluate what the future versions of ourselves would think about the decision we about to make.

These are the sorts of decisions that shape the person we become.

If the future version of ourselves would approve the decision we’re about to make, chances are, it’s the right decision to make (for us). We should generally avoid making the choices our future self would not approve of.

Consideration of what the future you would make of the decision can be an effective mental model in helping you navigate the complexity of making the best decision over the long-term. It’s also a way to remain anchored to keeping the long-term within our focus.

What decisions have you made recently? What would the future you make of these choices?

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“Failure is a feeling long before it becomes an actual result. It’s vulnerability that breeds with self-doubt and then is escalated, often deliberately, by fear”

- Michelle Obama, in the book: Becoming

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