FACT: Women Are Just as Qualified as Men

It's 2020, yet we still have to address such outdated beliefs. Women are equally as qualified as men. Period.

FACT: Women Are Just as Qualified as Men

Happy Sunday!

I don't even understand how in the year 2020, this remains a controversial topic *sigh* so this week, I want to talk about outdated beliefs.

Earlier in the week, I came across a post from the CEO of a medium-sized company. He said that his company would do "absolutely nothing" to change things if all his senior management consists only of white men.

Huge red flag here, he's either sexist or ignorant. Perhaps both?

He then went on to justify his decision by saying that his company will only hire the best person for the job, and promote those that deserve it most.

50% of the population is female.

So if the company ends up in a position where 100% of its senior management team are male, this suggests that they have systemic problems harming female progression within the organisation. Women are being discriminated against, either in the recruitment process or through the promotion process.

It can't possibly be because women are not qualified. We all know that's bullshit.

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