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Hey 👋 I'm Samuel - let me introduce myself.

Who is Samuel?

  • I'm a trusted business advisor to companies facing financial distress.
  • I am a qualified Chartered Accountant, studied Economics at university (graduating top of my class). I've gone on to publish my research in peer reviewed economics journal (see here).
  • I previously played football semi-professionally, playing in the most prestigious domestic cup competition in the world - The FA Cup. I've also represented my county at national athletics championships.
  • I co-founded an online-based tutoring agency, while at university.
  • My writing is focused on learning more about ourselves and the world around us, through the lens of business, finance and entrepreneurship.

Understanding ourselves

  1. 7 Essential Qualities of All Great Leaders
  2. Why You Don't Need to Have Your Life Figured Out in Your 20s
  3. Lessons From Running 160km in a Single Month
  4. Your Uniqueness Is Your Superpower
  5. 9 Simple Steps to Beating Procrastination

Understanding the world around us

  1. Why the Past Six Weeks Have Made Me Tired
  2. US-China Trade War and China's Global Dominance
  3. Coronavirus: Keep Calm - the Future Is Bright
  4. Racism Will Kill Football
  5. An Introduction to Passive Investing


I write a newsletter, sharing a lesson I learned over the past week. I also share interesting articles, books, and TED talks to help us all get smarter, wiser, and live better.

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How to Contact Me

I'm London based and happy to make the time to meet readers for a coffee, a chat or a game of chess. Maybe all three.

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This is my personal website. It goes without saying that all the content on here are my personal views and may not represent the views of my firm, institute, regulator, profession or any organisations I may represent.